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Business Contact Book is a well-organized and easy to navigate app with extended functionality to manage your personal and business contacts. Thanks to its intuitive interface and complete feature set, Business Contact Book is the best app to manage your existing contacts and make new ones. BCB is optimized for large databases. For faster performance, Business Contact Book uses SQLite. With BCB you can store and manage contact lists of 1,000 + contacts.

- Business Contact Book comes with powerful organizing features. The core functionality of the app is the ability to add your contacts into two linked categories "People" and "Companies" that makes it easy to add, manage, sort and find contact details. People and Companies are stored separately in two different lists, making your contacts much easier to browse. You can easily save company structure details by adding departments with the corresponding information.

- Business Contact Book comes with advanced sorting features. The column's header you click has the main sorting priority. All other columns are used for deeper sorting with lower priorities. E.g. if you click the First Name header, all contacts will be sorted by First Name and contacts with the same First Name will be additionally sorted by Last Name. Just click the column's header to get your contacts sorted. Click twice to change the order.

- Business Contact Book makes it easy to find contacts. With the Basic Search option, you can easily search contacts in the People list, Contacts list or in the Trash. - Business Contact Book allows you to import your existing contacts from Mac Contacts with one click. While importing, if you have duplicated contacts or any contacts you import are duplicates of existing ones in Business Contact Book, you can easily resolve duplicates.

- With Business Contact Book, you can keep all sorts of information about people and companies, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, websites, social contacts, departments, and more. You can email or visit a contact's website directly from Business Contact Book.

- Business Contact Book provides an easy way to send an email to multiple contacts.

- Accidentally deleted important contacts? Thanks to the Business Contact Book Trash, you can easily restore them. When you delete contacts in Business Contact Book, they are moved to the app's Trash. Deleted contacts will be there until you delete them from the Trash or empty the Trash, so you can restore them with one click.

- We understand how important is to prevent accidental data loss. To keep your contacts safe, each time you quit the app, shut down/restart your Mac and before importing new contacts, Business Contact Book automatically creates backups of your contact database, including photos.

Note: Minimum version requirements for importing information from Mac Contacts is OS X 10.11.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

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